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Our Story

“... the 3rd time someone calls you a horse, maybe it’s time to go buy a saddle.”

We created a successful real estate development company that sold high income generating properties to investors. The 3rd time we were asked to continue managing the property, we went out and bought ourselves a saddle.

Our Values

Financial Integrity — If the numbers don’t work, we don’t recommend it. Whether it’s spec’ing a renovation for prospects or considering a remodel for existing clients, we only suggest investment when the numbers add up.

Lasting Relationships — Whether cultivating a relationship with a property owner or showing up for an employee in a time of need, we believe relationships are life’s true measure of worth.


Our Employees

“The true measure of a company is how they treat their lowest paid employee.”
— Scott Scher

We strive to create a dynamic and challenging, yet supportive and deeply rewarding environment for our most valuable asset — our employees.


Our Mission

We’ve had firsthand experience with property management companies that had no awareness of our bottom line.

We aim to become the chosen partner of real estate investors looking to maximize their rental income and understand the value of their real estate portfolio in the context of other investment alternatives


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